Something New: Your Skin... in High Definition

What really got me hooked on this product was its promise to make me PICTURE READY.

This is Make Up For Ever's (NOT Forever, ok?) response to the fashion industry's need for a kind of foundation that will work miracles during shoots. This HD Foundation holds a lot of promises: it should remain invisible on-screen and off-cam, make your skin look flawless and oil-free and it should stand the test of time and weather. The science behind this kind of makeup is that it diffuses light and helps in bobbing light away from your skin, making shadows and imperfections less visible.

It was only a week ago that I got acquainted with this kind of foundation but just because renowned makeup artists use it doesn't mean that I should too so before putting my money on it, I did a thorough research and browsed over a lot of review sites and threads. 

I used it during the shoot last Friday and I started piling on make up at around two in the afternoon - you can imagine how hot it was and I was doing my make up in a non-airconditioned room. So here are the things that I noticed:

Unlike other founations, its scent isn't that strong
Four drops could cover my entire face
My skin looked like it was airbrushed - it was that even
My face was less greasy and I only did minimal touch-ups
I achieved the one-shade-lighter look

and of course, one of the best things about it...
You can regulate the amount of foundation that you need, EASILY.
Medium coverage only requires two- three pumps

MUFE HD Foundation vs. MAC Studio Fix

This comparison is not to bang up the reputation of a particular brand, it simply aims to help consumers in choosing the right brand.

MUFE has a peachy undertone
MAC has a yellowish/orange-y undertone

MUFE HD Foundation is light and dries fast
MAC Studio Fix is a bit thick and takes a few seconds to dry up

MUFE doesn't have a strong smell
MAC has a distinct, strong one

MUFE blends well on your skin even without the use of a sponge or stippling brush
MAC, due to its thickness, requires a sponge or a stippling brush to blend evenly

MUFE, none
MAC, 15

MUFE, matte (perfect for oily skin)
MAC, a little greasy (perfect for dry skin)

Both have more than 25 shades available in the market

Stay-on Factor
MUFE stays on your skin the whole day sans a primer
MAC best works with a primer

MUFE, pump
MAC, none

MUFE, P2,300
MAC, less than P2,000

In choosing the perfect foundation, you should not only consider the shade but also other important factors, like those that I mentioned above. Some skin types work well with MUFE, others with MAC... and there are those that get along with other brands like Bobbi Brown, Revlon, Nars, Smashbox, Chanel, Givenchy, Clinique, etc.

Wearing MUFE HD Foundation. I only used photoshop to crop the image.
MUFE HD Foundation may have promised me a lot BUT it sure held up to every promise it made; it definitely made me one happy and contented NEW customer. 
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