It sure was painful...
But it wasn't I who went through the process... I'm still not SOLD ON THE idea of it. Not that I have anything against those who have tattoos or those who are thinking of getting one; I happen to have my own ways of expressing myself and getting a tattoo is not one of those. You're probably thinking that I'm just scared of the pain... Gaaaaaaaaaahd! I've endured more painful physical sufferings... broken bones, dysmenorrhea, kidney infection to name only a few... Ok... fine... TMI but you really can't shove that factor down my throat.

Ze boyfriend really had to beg - literally - for me to allow him to go through it. I was aware of how painful the process could be and I got really scared for him. All he needed was my approval and I didn't give it to him until after I watched the mid-season ender of Grey's Anatomy. There was this character, Henry, who suffered from a rare genetic condition all his life and because doctors inspired him to get better, he wanted to go to med school despite his age,  ... his partner Dr. Altman, a cardio-thoracic surgeon was not appeased with the idea and it even became the cause of a serious fight. Dr. Altman realized that instead of going against her husband's wish, she could opt to support him all the way. She went home to tell Henry the good news and she found him there...vomiting blood. Henry died while going under the knife. I DON'T WANT TO BE THE DR. ALTMAN... I'm not the person who will prevent him from getting the things that he wants just because I'm not comfortable about the idea - I can't be the roadblock, his roadblock so after watching that episode, I called him - still sobbing and with bloodshot eyes - and gave him my approval and explained as to why I changed my mind and he answered, "parang mamamatay naman na ako... hehehehe" .

My only request was that he chooses a decent tattoo artist to do the job. He found a great deal on the web - it was a tattoo salon near Greenhills and it wasn't just decent - the place was beyond that. The wall art was stimulating, the area was spacious and the owner and tattoo artist were really accommodating - they gave him tips and really helped him compose himself. As you can see in the photos above, he wanted the tat on the left side of his body, right on top of his ribs - not really a wise choice for a first timer. hehehehe.

The moment the first stroke landed, I immediately saw him in agony. Of course, it wouldn't be me if I wouldn't go over my litany, 

"gusto mo yan ha?!",
 "uulit ka pa?!", 
"yan... kasi..." 

and though my side comments were a bit harsh and occurring at regular intervals (hehehehe)... I could never take him for granted so I offered my hand and let him squeeze it. I may have sounded irritating but deep down I was really worried so berating and mocking him in front of the tattoo artist was just my way of showing that... GET READY FOR THE CHEESE OVERLOAD -----> I care! Yiheeeeeee!

At least now that he experienced this kind of pain, getting another one any time soon is not something that I should be worried about. If you are not familiar with the salon Republic Tattoo, it is where Vice Ganda, the comedian, gets his tattoos done. 

and to end this post... You're probably wondering what the meaning of this tattoo in Arabic characters is.

Exact translation: 
Simon and Kristine


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