PREVIEW: The Love Child of Summer and Life

I posted this on my FB wall last Thursday:

Thank You, Lord, you never fail to make me feel special. 
I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it or spill a few details about what will happen tomorrow BUT it's something new for me. The experience will definitely be great for my blog considering the fact that I''m just a noob in this blogging thing. Verbal diarrhea mode ON... I don't want to jinx it so... Tata! 

It's a collaboration of two great minds in the fashion industry; both have established their credibility in their respective fields of expertise and their products are known not just by fashion enthusiasts but celebrities, as well. 

I can't elaborate on the details yet but the SHOOT went well. I can say that MY FIRST experience - being shot professionally - was beyond great, though I was giddy, nervous, sweaty, happy, scared, doubtful the entire time (got those emotions under my sleeve ALL AT ONCE, imagine that!) 

As early as now, I'm asking begging for your trust and SUPPORT. I won't be "modeling" for them if their products weren't good enough. "Modeling" talaga? I was just glad that they hired me despite the fact that I'm not a professional model... again, NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING ONE - See that, self-confidence level drops fast! 

I'll just wait for them to release the official photos and VIDEO of their summer collection and I'll post my snappies right away. 

Photographed by Simon Abella
Color-processed by Tin Gonzales
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My first bundle of treats/freebies and talent fee for yesterday's shoot, right there!


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