Something New: Venomous Clutch

One of the problems that I have to deal with every time there's an occasion or a special gathering is WHAT BAG/PURSE/CLUTCH/POUCH TO USE? Truth be told, I'm not a bag person  and more of a footwear-slash-clothes person because I have this belief that people notice your clothes and shoes first... and then your bag. BUT bags are equally important too and you need bags that are versatile,  lightweight, stylish and of course, bags that can accommodate your essentials; a bag that has your personality written all over it.

Bags should complement not just your personality but also your lifestyle. If you are the sporty type, then scout for bags that are durable and could probably - literally - "carry everything". If you're in the corporate world, I'm pretty sure that you're into neutrals and you dig the lightweight ones because you're always on-the-go. And there are those who are brand conscious and would rather have a few, good BUT pricey bags. Hanging on the other end of the spectrum are the adventurous and picky ones who get bags that are uniquely designed regardless of its "load-ability". I still don't know which category I fall under. Gaaaaaaaahd!

These days, clutch bags are very much visible in every scene: in parties, simple get-togethers, fashion shows, and pretty much everywhere because they're handy and the ones in the market are really stylish especially those from online stores.

Source:  http://sharefashions.com/2011/clutch-bags-elegant-style
Your favourite style icons sporting designer clutches: Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez.

Source: http://www.bagbliss.com/designer/tods-purse/tods-girelli-clutch-kate-bosworth/
Kate Bosworth's looking extravagantly classic in a white dress and a Girelli clutch from Tod's.

Source: http://www.thebaglady.tv/2008/06/guess_the_celeb_2.html
The OC's resident charmer, Rachel Bilson, showing off her Herve Leger dress and feathered clutch.

Source:  http://www.whowhatwear.com/website/full-article/obsession-du-jour-oversized-clutches/
Oversized clutches definitely rake "oversized" statements too.

One of my favorite prints wants to stage a comeback. The snakeskin print is classic and elegant; pythons may be nonvenomous generally but clutches from the family pythonidae are really deadly. If you don't want to believe me then be bitten by the reptiles these celebrities have.

Source:  http://www.bagbliss.com/celebrity-style/carlos-falchi-waxy-python-clutch/
Source:  http://www.bagbliss.com/celebrity-style/carlos-falchi-waxy-python-clutch/ 
Our favorite Upper East Side Queen B carrying a Carlos Falchi waxy python clutch.

Nicole Richie's take on "print on print". C'est magnifique!

Source:  http://www.glamoru.com/prada/mary-kate-olsen-with-prada-rosa-python-clutch/

Mary-Kate Olsen took the lead with her weapon of choice, a Prada Rosa python clutch.

Two weeks ago, ze boyfriend's sister went to Shanghai for a four-day vacay and she generously offered if I wanted a few items from H&M. She was even the one who showed me this beautiful oversized python clutch on H&M's website. At first, I thought it was just a small clutch so I intentionally ignored it but when I learned that it's actually a wee bigger than a magazine, I hurriedly included it in my priority list. 

The good (best, actually... LOL) news was, it was sold for only RMB 99 (Chinese Yuan Renminbi)... that's... hmmmm... more or less P665.00 (depending, of course, on the conversion rate...hehehe)

A great statement accessory for a casual or semi-formal event it is... and it didn't put my pocket/wallet in a bad position. All I have to do now is to carefully plan on where to use it and with what print to pair it with :)

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