Something New: Come Again Another Day, Little Children Want to Play!

Two weeks ago, I made a list of the things that I needed to do and places I had to go to. 

1) Salon 

My hair badly needed a touch-up and when I saw J.Lo's gorgeous hair color in the music video "I'm Into You", I knew what my locks wanted to look like - yes, they talk and complain whenever I think of doing something moronic.

Sorry for the grainy, low-quality photo, which I took using my iPad so to somehow give you a clearer picture, my current hair color is actually ash blonde and the highlights are more prominent in person. If you're thinking of changing your hair color some time soon, be reminded that what you want may not be what's good for you so it is only proper to collect as many pegs as possible - the world wide web offers a gazillion photos and loads of information that could help in nailing the perfect color - do your homework before you give your stylist the GO signal. You don't want to end up in jail because of killing your stylist mercilessly or burning the salon down. Find a celebrity or model whose skin tone is similar to yours and take it from there; just be playful in giving it your own personal touch. 

DISCLAIMER: Not saying that mine - skin tone - is similar to that of J.Lo's, don't raise that eyebrow of yours!

2) Get a new eyeliner, dirty blonde to be specific

FAIL... moving on

3) Manila Ocean Park with Lhalie and her kiddo

My college girlfriend decided to celebrate her daughter Ayel's birthday here in Manila. Ze boyfriend and I brought them to Manila Ocean Park. FINALLY, I got to meet my goddaughter after 800 years (O.A. lang?!) but apparently, my girlfriend taught her soooo well that she thought I was really a stranger and didn't talk to me THE WHOLE TIME we were together. I tried all the pa-cute moves known and imaginable to mankind but nothing - NOTHING - worked. The only consolation I have right now is that she remembers me. Expect a Part Two, Ayel, EXPECT A PART TWO!

4) UP-Diliman Exhibit

Look at the lovely Tiffany blue beetle, which I will be blogging on SOON, at the center - ze boyfriend was the one who painted that for me! And hear, hear! I'm expecting a Tiffany blue mini cooper too! He, together with fellow enthusiasts, showcased his collection and works at the event UP Gears and Pinions organized. Rev UP was held at the University of the Philippines - Diliman, AS parking lot.

Rev Up focused on real cars; those that were modified and improved - from the performance, form, exterior, interior and down to the teeny-tiny parts. 

5)  Take Simon out on a date

If you missed this one... then sorry.... you missed it!
KIDDING... you can find the story HERE.

6) Pick up my rain boots

The boots come in a simple but cute carry tote. 

These Vivienne Westwood-for-Melissa-inspired ankle boots make me all set for the rainy season. They're fashionable, durable (made of polyvinyl chloride) and comfy to use. These boots are versatile, if I may add and in fact, they're also perfect for summer; wear them with a pair of shorts, leggings, skirt or a flirty day dress. 

You're ready for summer, that we already know, but be sure that you are also Ready for Rain

7) Blog

DONE! Toooooodles!

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P.S. Ma, thank you for paying for the boots! 
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