You Assume I Don't Like Food

But I really do! Just  because the weighing scale can't prove it, doesn't mean I'm less of a food lover.

Truth is, I seldom finish my food BUT mind you, I'm always, ALWAYS, hungry. My tummy is home to a living organism, yet to be discovered by science, which even I couldn't control. I eat almost everything - ALMOST being the operative word. I don't eat vegetables, mushrooms, steamed buns and beans .

PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED. Kids, eat your green, leafy veggies, they are good for your body - surprisingly, I'm allergic to them, choz!

Other than those that I just mentioned, I can eat - wag pilosopo, you know what's edible and what's not.

The other day, I had a lightbulb-moment. I've been hearing good reviews about Flaming Wings' Wicked Oreos and I happen to be one of TWIST-LICK-DUNK's avid fans. I realized that this is a potential morning-until-midnight food... breakfast, appetizer for lunch, late afternoon snack, appetizer for dinner and MIDNIGHT SNACK - while working, while reading, while thinking, while daydreaming, while watching TV, etc. That's how flexi it is. THE SELLING POINT is, IT'S EASY TO PREPARE!

Go, try it!

There are two packs in a box, a pack can coat 20 oreos

One Pack : One medium-sized egg 

2 tbsp.
3/4 cup

2 packs

You'll also need the following:

Let's begin!

Follow the instructions printed on the box of the Pancake Mix. Combine the ingredients to make a thick batter: Pancake Mix, Water or Milk, Egg and Oil or Butter. There should be no lumps so mix the batter well. If you are to use a mixer, be sure that you don't over-mix the batter or else, the bread will turn out rubbery and tough.

Dip the Oreos into the batter. Make sure that each cookie is entirely coated.

Using a pre-heated pot, deep-fry the coated oreos. Cook a few pieces, max of three cookies, at a time so that the pot is not overcrowded. 

A perfectly-cooked piece should be golden brown in color.

Isn't it pretty?!

Serve it with Vanilla Ice Cream or top it with Confectioner's sugar

I'm no pro when it comes to cooking, in fact, I barely know how to cook but a hungry tummy makes one desperate so instead of planning sneak-attacks and prey on my neighbors' stash, I create my own happy mealWe all love food but it shouldn't end there so DO NOT FORGET TO 

Twist it, 

Dunk it 



Kain na tayooooooooooooooo *u*

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