The Man Who Holds a Paper Bag

I posted this once on facebook:
Your boyfriend probably holds your hand while you're wearing your 5-inch heels
My boyfriend, on the other hand, holds a paper bag...

With my slippers or flats in it :)

It is not my intention to compete with anyone BUT I just want everyone to know how proud and blessed I am.

I read somewhere that if a man is a responsible and loving son and sibling then he is not just boyfriend material, for crying out loud, HE'S HUSBAND MATERIAL! Wag na pakawalan yan. The way he cares for his family reflects how he will be in the future. But don't confuse it with a mama's boy, there's a BIG difference. 

I'm so lucky to be with someone who makes sure his siblings are doing good, who never forgets to ask his parents if they want something, who still respects and grants his parents' suggestions and requests and who puts his family first before his own needs. 

Aside from being my boyfriend, he's my bestbud - he finds beauty in the crappy things that I do or think of doing. I never heard him compliment another girl, not even a celebrity, so it's safe to say that for him, I am NOT the most beautiful because I am the only one he sees beautiful... ganda ko lang naman talaga. hehe.

I'm surprised that he can easily keep up with my fickle-mindedness; even my parents couldn't control  and understand how my mind works but Simon could explain how I got to point B from points Z, I, L,Q, S,T, K, A. He talks about me like he created me - that's how good he is at deciphering me. He probably knows "Kristine" more than I do. 

He'd rather buy me something I want than buy himself something that he needs.

HE PUTS LOVED ONES FIRST -  it's one of the gazillion reasons why I fell for him.

To say that I love this man is an UNDERSTATEMENT. 

It is true... 

He never fails to remind me to bring a pair of flats or slippers every time I would wear a pair of stilettos or wedges. Whether or not we're going to a formal gathering, he would always carry an extra bag for my flats. That's beyond sweet :)

God, I will forever be thankful to you for giving me the kind of man waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond what my checklist asked for.

Photographed and styled by Tin Gonzales

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