G'bye Boy... G'bye Bob...

My mom was madly in love with Boy and Bob so I had no choice but to welcome them.

In case you haven't figured out what I've been trying to say... I was talking about hairstyles. Those who are close to me will agree that when it comes to that aspect, panalong-panalo na ko. I've tried them all; from super short to mid-length... you name it!

My mom forbade from having long locks. FIRST reason was that my hair could absorb the nutrients my body needed - I don't know if this theory has scientific basis but that's what I was told; SECOND, having long locks was and IS a privilege - if you can't handle it, you might as well chop it off; THIRD, she probably just wanted me to look exactly like her - all mothers are susceptible to a disease called "Mini-Me Syndrome"... you might want to check old photos of your mom and see for yourself.

I really envied those who could braid their hair - if you could braid your hair back then, you were probably deemed pretty or princess-like and in my case, I was deemed pretty too... PRETTY UGLY nga lang - dwindling self-confidence because of hair issues, ang mature lang mag-isip. I tried to pull my hair everyday in high hopes of making it look longer but all I saw was a blinking speech bubble with the words "Asa ka naman, kid" written in it. 

So when my hair reached mid-length (shoulder length) for the 8,192, 378th time (sense the exaggeration and the desperation), and this was three years ago, I took a detour and had my hair permed. It wasn't easy to convince my mom but the process I had to go through to get her to agree was worth it. I had my share of doubts but risks had to be taken otherwise, the what-does-it-feel-like question would forever be stuck in my head. To say that I enjoyed this phase is an UNDERSTATEMENT. 

After a year of enjoying the twists and loops, I finally got what I've always wanted... a long and straight hair. This matter is not shallow for someone who waited for more than 20 years just to get something that she could've acquired a loooong time ago but opted not to because of sheer obedience kaya pagbigyan niyo ko! 

Yep guys, the dream-come-true moment happened exactly two years ago. I can't see the end of its "reign" so matagal-tagal ka pang mahaba. 

To celebrate two years of togetherness, here's an outfit post! (Maisingit lang naman)

Sheer blouse, H&M || Skirt, Lila & Red || Boots, Aldo

Collar necklace, Mia Casa

Rings, Girlshoppe 

You're old enough to be reminded to do whatever it is that can make you happy. If it's going to hurt other people, then you probably have to wait a little while unless you're brave enough to just go on with it regardless of whose feet you'll be stepping on. Whether the issue is as shallow as one's hair problem or as important as family or relationship matters, you should be able to find a pinch of happiness from it because what's the point of going through all the hardships if you won't gain anything from it, may that be a hard-learned lesson or a star at the back of your hand or something that you've religiously waited for. 

As I always say... You deserve to be happy, EVERYONE DOES *u*

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