Something New: Bold and Gold

Every Monday, I will be posting pictures of recent purchases and I actually have a lot to show you, guys and most of them, I haven't used yet. This is my way of reminding myself that I paid for these items BUT they haven't served their purpose yet. 

For those of you who aren't aware, I'm an impulsive shopper/buyer... whenever I'm in a mall or whenever I browse through online stores, my gut ALWAYS pushes me to get something whether it is as small as a box of candy or a pair of wedges or a lace dress... point is, I cannot leave without something to bring home, otherwise, depression will start to sink in. I'm not kidding. Kanya-kanyang sakit sa utak yan.. hehe. 

I realized that since the last quarter of 2011, "the sickness" has gotten worse because I've been grabbing new items every week. My mom and my boyfriend are my numero UNO kontrabida at tag team pa sila minsan. Not one day has gone by without hearing "friendly", but sometimes irritating, reminders such as "SLOW DOWN", "STOP BUYING", "SAVE UP" and the like kasi paulit-ulit lang talaga... Sun Cellular can even hire them as endorsers of their UNLIMITED text and call offer.

I would like to emphasize that it is not my intention to show off my stuff; in fact, I got some of them from the SALE rack and if not, I make sure that it is a good investment or yeah, that I will really look good wearing it. choz lang pero may hint ng seriousness! Also, some of you are probably having second thoughts on whether or not to buy a piece of clothing because you think, you'll be having a hard time finding other pieces that will well complement it or you worry too much if you could maximize its use. Through my "Something New" and "New Look" posts, I can help you decide on your own.

To formally start this new segment in my blog, I offer you a few shopping tips.

1) It is worth-buying if you can think of more than two ways to use and transform it. Can you wear it in the office and still wear it on a night-out with girlfriends? 

2) If it sparkles and you have extra money and you can no longer remember the last time you gave yourself a treat... GO!

3) Unless you have extra money, ignore temptations. 

4) Your favorite style icon, blogger, actress or model is not you. It is NOT necessary to buy items that look (exactly) like those that she has. 

5) If the store doesn't have it in your size, it is probably fate's way of telling you to move on or save your money for something better. Unless you REALLY want it, don't ask the sales person to check the other branches. 

6) If you are not sure, don't buy it. 

7) Don't bring a kiss-ass friend when you shop. Chances are, you'll end up buying everything.  And if you can, avoid asking a friend for his/her opinion. The mirror is your bestfriend and it won't lie and it definitely won't help you justify a possible wrong decision. 

8) Check the fabric, the stitches, the color, the structure and cut, the odor and of course, the fit... don't compromise or settle for less, remember that you're paying for it.

9) Granted that an item looks good on you... for crying out  loud, hoarding the same style in different colors isn't a wise thing to do! 

10) Know your options. The world is not just a playground, IT IS  ALSO A MARKET. Don't be confined by your walls. There are a lot of places to check out besides Makati, Rockwell, Ortigas, SM Malls, and Greenhills. 

I hope I was able shed a little light on this. Again, the tips are not from a pro's point-of-view but I'm pretty sure that those can help you be a responsible consumer.

Onto the "sharing" bit...

I will reveal the details, where I got it and how much it is, on my outfit post. I got it for less than a thousand and on my way to the counter, I immediately thought of pairing it with shorts or leggings or a mini-skirt. 

Source: H&M website
H&M recently released its new set of New Arrivals and this gold sweater is on their promotional banner. 

Source: Preview Magazine (Jan-Feb issue)

A few days after I purchased this, I dropped by a bookstore and grabbed a copy of Preview's January-February issue and this page caught my interest because Preview, in one of its segments, featured oversized tops in gold. This season promotes boldness, class and art in oversized silhouettes.

Go get yourself an oversized top or anything that's more than just nice. Share with me the story of where you purchased it and how you want to wear it. 

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