The ETERNAL Valentine's Day Issue... REVEALED

Are you currently in the state of overly wanting and desiring to be in a relationship?

Do you feel incomplete knowing that most of your friends are busy dating and you don't have anyone to share the joys of everyday life with?

Do you cry every-effin-time you watch romcom movies and wish you could relate?

Do you often talk about a past flame with bitterness and remorse - yung may kasama pang "tsk, tsk, tsk"?

Is the person you hate and curse the most, the current flame of your past flame?

Is Feb. 14 crossed-out in your calendar or specially marked with the words, NO SUCH DAY or DI KA PA MAWALA SA MUNDO or Valen-whut?!

If you answered yes to two or more questions (or even if you only answered yes to the last question)...

It only means that you don't deserve to have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner YET. And don't give me that in-denial, oh-no-not-me expression because I can smell the angst from where I am... aapila ka pa ha?!

Having one is just a bonus and you should never be in a relationship if you still believe that being in one is the only missing puzzle-piece that can complete you. Labo ba? It doesn't work that way; that is why when a break up happens, some of us become suicidal or too depressed to function. Oo nga naman, how could a person, who is in a smooth-sailing relationship like I, understand how it feels to be labeled SINGLE... Well, let's just say that I wasn't born with a crying, naked boy beside me, hello lang?!  

Being single is not a bad thing and definitely not an Elizabethan collar or a hat of shame that you are supposed to use for public humiliation. Notice that even the committed ones need time to be alone and there are also instances when they feel like there's a need to be "single" again, even for just a while, because only then will they be able to achieve epiphany. 

Being single is a great opportunity to weigh your priorities... if God will bless you with a partner, will you be able to handle it well? If you are still a student, will you be able to balance love relationship along with studies? If you are part of the employed population, is your partner willing to compromise? If you are in a LDR, how much are you willing to sacrifice? If your parents are not yet appeased with the idea of it, can you handle the pressure? You see, there are more balls to juggle and catch and they get heavier in every turn; it is a responsibility as much as it is a pleasure.

Being single should take you to a lot of probabilities. If you are too eager to have a partner you should be able to see yourself to be with that person for good or for quite a long time. If you can't commit and can't take relationships seriously, then what's the point of going steady or why deprive the person of the chance of experiencing his/her much-deserved kind of love? 

Being single should help you know yourself deeper, love yourself more and appreciate life better. You don't know what you're truly capable of until you've reached the other end of the bridge so if you are now in a relationship and people notice that you nag your partner too much or you always approve of your partner's every whim without even asking a couple of why's... then what kind of person were you when you were still single? My geology professor said that the PRESENT IS THE KEY TO THE PAST and not the other way around; what we have and are right now is the product of what we didn't have or used to have and what we were and what we were not. So it is just appropriate to take your time to do a little tweaking. Make yourself qualified and not just available.

Being single is more than just an embarrassing status in Facebook. I, for one, would rather use SINGLE than IT'S COMPLICATED. You are (and should be) single not because no one wants to be with you but because even if someone openly declares his/her intention to win you, your desire to be ready, in every aspect, for an honest and quality relationship is more powerful than your inconsiderable caprice to have a short-term one. Wear the band with pride! I actually feel sorry for those who are "in a relationship" just because they want to join the bandwagon, 

"My friends have boyfriends, I should have one too... Oh, you there! Tayo na!" 

"I should hook up with a girl so I can get laid." 

"I met him yesterday and he SMSed me a while ago, this must be love!"

among other stupid reasons.

and lastly,

Being single is a decision God made for you. Remember God's three possible answers to our prayers? Yes, No, I have better plans for you? That is forever relevant and it applies to every prayer - God is not the kind of father who oversees or sleeps on or forgets prayer requests. Being in that status should help you get closer to God and you should let Him serve as your walk-through to who you should be with. If you see it as a curse or as God's way of punishing you then you must know that, picking up from your argument, God is merely preparing you so you won't be a curse or a punishment to others, too. The phrase "In God's perfect time" will never be obsolete.

Others make fun of you, especially every-FRIGGIN-Valentine's day, because you don't make them see the fringe benefits of being in that situation and flood the news feed with scornful status messages of denial or bitterness, instead. 

If you are still confused and you want someone to talk you through, feel free to send me a message (or any friend of yours), you can find my email address at the column at the right side of the page. I can't guarantee to give you a sound advice but I'm willing to devote my time to help you air and channel out your rants or whatever it is that's bothering you. And consider me as a loyal member of the "Non-Judging Breakfast Club". 

So let us now move on and reminisce that things that happened 5 days ago.

Last Feb. 14, I, too, was struck by the "V-virus", I granted ze boyfriend's wish to go out with him on a date. Hindi kami jologs, mushy lang and no one's too old to celebrate Valentine's day, excuse me!

To be honest, I almost gave up on finding a decent place... most of the in-demand venues were too pricey and dining out on a Valentine's day is like being caught up in the last minute holiday rush - almost everyone's outside and heavy traffic is one thing you cannot escape from, unless you can make your car fly.

But ze boyfriend was really insistent on giving me a Heart's Day treat... who am I to beg off?! We tried making a reservation at Felix, located in Greenbelt 5 and they offered great food at reasonable prices so going for it was a no-brainer. 

We sometimes ask those who are close to us to join us whenever we celebrate special occasions or if they volunteer to come, we rarely turn down the offer. Our point is that we always have something to share, happiness and blessings on top of it, with our friends and families and we oftentimes receive the same favor. Simon's sister, a certified food-lover, is the brains behind most of the food trips that we've had and she never runs out of stories to tell so hanging out with her family is a constant thing.

Every lady received a long-stemmed candy rose and a Felix dark chocolate bar. The starters that they served were bread and butter, Fuyubare (pumpkin soup with carot and chestnuts) and Arata (Crispy prawns and scallops with tropical fruits in sesame dressing). 

We all took a break from soda so the ladies had fruit iced tea and the gentlemen had four seasons. 

Top row: Simon tried their Grilled Lamb Chops in Port wine sauce and I ate Mactan (grilled prawns with dried scallops and brown rice risotto).

Bottom row: Simon's sister gave their Folger (U.S. Angus rib eye) a shot while her husband had Macadia-crusted Salmon.

And since they were all generous, I got to try almost everything - except for the veggies, of course... hehehehe.

Valentine's day is not just for couples... IT'S FOR EVERYONE. Simon's niece, Peanut, was in her element that time and we couldn't make her stay put. She made faces and smiled for the camera but obviously, couldn't keep still, thus her blurry images. 

Two of my most favorite persons in the world paid Manila a quick visit, my cousins Kelvin and Kay. 

Simon, thank you for the treatssssssssssssssssssss. I won't bombard you guys with cheesy pick-up lines anymore because you all know how much I love this man. Again, he doesn't complete me but he is the greatest among the many bonuses God generously shared with me, walang sinabi ang 13th-month pay, mid-year bonus, isama niyo pa lahat ng klase ng bonus sa mundo :)

It's already five days past Valentine's day and I hope all of you had a great time, whether you celebrated it with your friends, family, significant other, or your bed - well at least you saved your *ss from the hustle and bustle of a lovebug-infected city. 


A full course meal isn't complete without a dessert... Got to take home a box of Royce's Nama in Mild Cacao.

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