Riding in Cars wif Cowboys

I kid you not when I say that my boyfriend owns more than a thousand cars. 

Diecast cars nga lang but at least you get to see your favorite car EVERYDAY without having to step out of the house and moreover, you can have as many as you want without the trouble of getting taxed or seeing it being driven by some stranger - you get what I mean - and you can "drive" them at your desired speed sans the worry of having to pull over for a violation ticket from a traffic enforcer. Those are a just a few of the many perks of being a car collector.

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*RAOK or Random Act of Kindess, Thank you Sir Bruticus for giving me this cute anime figure =) 

Last Saturday, Jan. 21, my boyfriend and I participated in the event, Diecast-car Collectors of the Philippines (DCPH) organized called a SWAP MEET. A swap meet is where you can purchase or sell brand new or pre-loved toy cars, most of them are sold cheaper compared to those displayed in department stores. Swap meet is THE perfect time to rub elbows with fellow enthusiasts - talk about toy cars, the weather, politics or irritating girlfriends. 

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Misery Boredom needs company

It's fun when you're around enthusiasts; they're like kids only with bigger built and voice. I've seen their faces light up in awe and in shock - believe me, some of those toy cars cost higher than a pair of Tory Burch shoes or even a Louis Vuitton bag! If I sell my boyfriend's collection in e(vil) bay, WE CAN ALREADY SLACK OFF for 5 months or BUY A REAL CAR!

But I won't do that... there's a perfect time to execute such a brilliant idea. 


Onto the deets of what I wore (before my mind comes up with a much brilliant idea)... Testosterone level was definitely high so I had to keep up or blend in.

Plaid polo shirt, MANGO | Distressed Jeans, Local Department Store | Wedges, Greenhills

I really love this plaid polo shirt, which I got for only P1,190! Say the magic word..... SALE! Don't you love the post-Christmas season? Almost everything's on sale!

I added a little twist... I tied a brown ribbon 'neath the collar to somehow "soften" the ensemble and make it "my own".

Floral and plaid combined... how can you not fall in love with this?!

SO if you know someone who collects or someone who's interested to start collecting miniature cars or an heir who can't figure out where to put his inheritance, you can direct them to DCPH's website.

Outfit photos were taken by JSimon Abella
Post-processed by Tin Gonzales
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