Life in RGB

My Psychology professor, in one of his lectures, said that EVERYTHING AROUND US HAS NO COLOR. Can you believe that?! A world in black and white?! Crazy, right?! I know it’s hard to picture, I’m having a hard time too. According to the study, our brain determines which color we’re supposed to see. I will not be surprised if this theory will be proven in the future since our brain really works wonders beyond our understanding.

Imagine yourself describing objects using just intensities or degrees,

“Miss, yung may pagka-gray na  bulaklak nga na may medyo gray na dahon, yung medyo gray lang ha!”

“Can I have a pair of this in .0001532 black?”

“TIDE, turns your dirty white to SUPER MEGA OA WHITE!”


Kalurkey di ba?!

Sheer polo, Local Department Store | Beret, H&M-HK
So be thankful that you can see a yellow banana, orange orange (redundant lang?!), a pink cottoncandy, BARNEY – the gay purple dinosaur, and a green b**ger. 

Royal blue pumps, STARS by Michael Antonio
Also be mindful of the other implications of this study such as, if the only thing you can see is the ugliness in people then it’s not them that’s ugly… IT IS PROBABLY YOUR BRAIN  – that made you think, right?!

Illustration by ze boyfried

With that said, look around you and see the world in a different light. Isn’t it photogenic?

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