Let the Fortuneteller Rest

IT'S A NEW YEAR! I know the greeting is a tad late but STILL A GREETING nevertheless! A few days after 2012 kicked in, and like what most of you probably did, I checked my feng shui forecast for 2012. Based on what I've read, I'm expecting a "kind and considerable" year and to be exact: "You will be lucky in love and romance, with even chances of being blessed with babies!" Wow, babies huh?! That's kind of hard to knock off so whoever came up with that prediction, minus one fan ka na agad! Honestly speaking, the last time I religiously believed in predictions and horoscopes  was when I was in grade school; It was fun sharing those things with your equally-kikay friends who were "experts" in elaborating on and interpreting horoscopes (and dreams and signs and a lot more!); those were the same exact set of friends who, like me, also believed in the wonders and magic of the now-obsolete F.L.A.M.E.S. - Magic 8 Ball killed it by the way. Sad but True.  

Anyway, going back... Fortunetellers obviously recycle their generic predictions, they put on a constipated face, act as if summoning their p**p to come out, hold your hands, feet, check your pulse, heartbeat and Voila, a fortune cookie declamation piece, ready to be served - let us not forget the flickering lights effect and the creepy-looking tarot cards... pero bayad muna, bawal utang kundi mawawala ang swerte.

Feng Shui experts on the other hand have their own methodology. Some make sense, some don't. The other day, my boyfriend was asking me to help him figure out which part of their house was facing North - so he stepped out of the house, checked the position of his shadow and only then were we able to locate what he was looking for... NORTH! Being the curious beaver that I am, I asked him what was happening and why he was THAT EAGER to find "True North". Apparently, his feng shui forecast for this year was not good and he had to place a glass of water in the Northern part of the house in order to ward off bad luck ... I know... spit out a loud "ANO DAAAAAW?!"

I'm not saying that none of these are true... I don't even have psychic or paranormal abilities and believing in powers other than that of God's is a sin. BUT since I'm in the mood to join the bandwagon, I have my own predictions and tips to counter bad luck for the entire year.

1) There is a high probability that you will experience rough times this year... it is in fact inevitable. 

An effective way to counter this is to seek help from your family and friends. They'll serve as your map towards doing what is right, reaching your goals and avoiding bigger humps and potholes.

2) You will learn along the way that you also have a non-biological family... with them, you'll find your second home.

3) WARNING: You will (again) find yourself indulging in occasional vices

Limit yourself. To eliminate bad vibes, sign up for activities that will help you get rid of the effects of your actions. Remember, OCCASIONAL is the key word.

4) Don't forget your lucky charms

5) You will experience abundance but good health is not guaranteed... before the year ends, you might consider getting your blood sugar checked. 

6) Do not, at any point, take TRUE LOVE for granted. Many are in search, don't loosen your grip. A blessing as special as that deserves more.

Happiness has always been within your reach. 

7) You will be tried, tested and tempted. You will have a million questions running around your head and there will be moments of weakness... You will start to have doubts in your faith. But His promises are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more powerful, believable and BIGGER than shallow forecasts, predictions and horoscopes... no better way to conquer your fears but through the guidance of God.

2012 is just like any other year we've had: we all want to see an improved version of ourselves before the year ends. Some measure "change" by how many new friends they have accumulated in their facebook account, some gauge it by how many times they've changed their relationship status, others by counting the digits in their passbook. Most of us cling to these "fearless forecasts" to somehow get a clearer picture of how things will be because we are all afraid to face the uncertainties of life.

A wise man said, 

"The richest man isn't the person who owns numerous bank accounts or the most number of properties BUT he is the one who doesn't need much."

I'm not yet in that position. I still want to travel farther, shop more and eat a looot among others but what sets me apart from others - YES, BIDA NANAMAN AKO! - is the fact that I'm not scared to let myself loose in a sea of uncertainties 

because of the wonderful people around me and 
because my God is the wisest.

May we all have a story worth-telling by the end of the year! Cheers!

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