Saying NO to Consolation Prizes

It is almost every girl's dream to find a man who could love her the way she wanted to be loved. 

Some had to settle for what's on the table or worse, nothing, 

others had to adjust the rules a little bit, lower their standards so the guys could keep up to the too-good-to-be-real expectations, and 

there were a few lucky ones who probably overjoyed Santa by being too nice and annoyingly sweet ergo, he gave them the ultimate And-They-Lived-Happily-Ever-After kabuhayan showcase.

I, again, had the opportunity to witness another fairy tale in the flesh. My bestfriend, Cooky, invited ze boyfriend and I to her sister's wedding. Ate Honey, the bride and a physician, used to give me free lessons in Physics and she was probably one of the reasons why I turned out to be good at it when I was in my senior year in high school. *yabang muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!

She looked really lovely and more than that, HAPPY, on her wedding day. 

In a wedding, some of you wait for this moment: when the bride and groom kiss for the first time as a married couple BUT...

I, on the other hand, wait for them to look at each other. A couple can kiss a dozen times to entertain their guests but the feeling you get when you see them look at each other like THAT in the picture... 
Goodness, that's  priceless. You see THE BIG difference between loving someone and being IN LOVE with someone.

One of the many families I have in this world. Have I mentioned that my bestfriend has a twin sister? Now you know! 

The one carrying a little girl is Candy, the twin sister, then Mommy Rose, the newly-wed couple, Cooky and Ate Sugar. The little girl is Dawn/Lila, Candy's daughter and Simon's goddaughter and the little boy is Derek/Red, Cooky's son and my godson. 

I love them and even though we're not related by blood, I have always believed that we were brought together by God. 

And because it was a military wedding, my little guy here had to wear a military suit; complete with a name plate. 

Derek is turning 2 this year but HE KNOWS HOW TO READ. I'm not bluffing... Your kid may be intelligent but my guy here is a GENIUS. He could read a lot of words like dog, cat, giraffe, Jollibee, McDonald's, KFC and even CHIMPANZEE. I can no longer remember the other words but I swear, he knows how to read.

When Cooky told me that Derek could already read, I didn't believe her. Then one day, we went out to have dinner and she asked for a pen and wrote down a few words on a tissue paper... Derek read every word out loud and WITH CONVICTION. I should probably get that on video and post it here in my blog. 

HE KNOWS HOW TO READ. Gaaaaaahd! How many times do I have to type HE KNOWS HOW TO READ? LOL. I'm going nuts because my godson is brilliant. He probably got the "talent" from me... I wouldn't be surprised... it makes perfect sense! Heeelloooo?! Ninang?! 
Ok, you may not get it now but the connection is solid. There has got to be a connection. LOL.

This is ze boyfriend and Dawn. Dawn never liked the idea of "kodak-an" so instead of putting on a smile, she made faces and weird gestures. 

I could imagine how awkward this moment must be for her. LOL.

Apart from belonging to a number of families, I also happen to have a lot of cliques. This wedding brought us back together: I can say that this is one of the oldest and most treasured groups I have.

The relationship I have with these three is incomparable. Since grade school, we have shared a lot of tough times and out-of-this-world experiences. We are all crazy and impulsive and we salute the three "sick" men - Simon (not in the picture), Ranier (far left) and JM (far right) - who looked beyond our craziness and weirdness. LOL. 
The family's getting bigger and bigger. Look at the kids... living up to their parents' reputation, too!

Going back to the wedding...

So the most entertaining part of the wedding was the one where the guys had to fight for the chance to snag a beautiful, single lady (by tradition)... the gate pass ticket in the form of a garter.

The Drill:

So each guy has to put one of his shoes under the bride's skirt. They will be asked to turn around and wait for the go signal. When the signal is given, every guy has to look for his shoe and put it on as fast as he can. The last one to do that, loses.... errrr... wins and gets the lady.

Thank God, Simon was able to put on his shoe before everyone did or NOT. 
As they say, If you can't beat 'em... CHEAT! LOL. 

At least there was no pressure to win on my part. 

Now, the ladies' turn.

The Drill:

The guy who won in the previous game has to sit on a chair with his hands tied to it. The girls should dance as they walk around this "lucky" guy. When the music stops, the girl who ends up on the guy's lap, gets eliminated. The last girl standing... wins... well, that depends on how you see it. LOL.

Simon wasn't quite jumping up and down right after the instructions were relayed. I expected that reaction already. Any kind of physical contact with a man not related to me by blood is a no-no. So there was an ADDED CHALLENGE and PRESSURE: get eliminated  AND get off the man's lap as fast as I can. 

I removed my pumps because I had a hard time getting through and I was worried I might step on someone's foot or toes and end up paying hospital bills. 

Fine, I got a little competitive along the way and since my built was a disadvantage... I... errrr... realized that I could use my hands... so I pushed the other girls and some of them fell on the floor ...  Eeeeeeeep! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Then there were five. That was the first time I aimed at losing. I gathered my strength, gut and energy and went wild. It may be hard to imagine but I jumped as high as I could and I made sure I would end up on that man's lap. 
Whoever won, congratulations, I hope you two end up together :)

There were two things I was happy and grateful about:


We talked about our hay days, people we really know, people we know only by name, our future, others' future... we made fun of each other, called each other names... we laughed a lot and TALKED A LOT.
These are the things we do every time we see each other but never get tired of doing again. 

The second and most important of all, celebrating a special occasion with my bff

15 years of friendship, right there! 

We fought a lot because we were both hard-headed and opinionated. Until now, we disagree on a lot of things but our love for each other is immeasurable, which makes us more than sisters and bestfriends.

I've been constantly praying for her happiness because she deserves it. She works hard for her son and family, she's giving, humble and most of all, BEAUTIFUL! 

So this message goes out to whoever she's with right now: I only have one request, please, take care of my Cooky. You give her your "all" or nothing at all because she sure is entitled to it. You are one lucky man. If you hurt her, you hurt me, too. 

I believe every girl's desire is to see her bestfriend walk down the aisle with a man who is IN LOVE with her and next to that is the desire to be the maid-of-honor. 

So the race is on, Cooky! First to be the maid-of-honor, WINS! 

Best wishes, Ate Honey and may you have moooooore kids to come :)

On to the details of what I wore

Dress: H&M-Shanghai

This python dress' material is light, the reason why I was able to survive a very hostile temperature. It's flowy, too so it gives you elegance and a girly-girl vibe. The cut, on the other hand, is flattering especially for someone who's not "bosomy" like.... uhmmmmm.... ME.

The clutch is probably older than I am. It was owned by my great grandmother and time was able to preserve very well; I only found this clutch a few months ago when we were cleaning the old closets in our house.

The feathered earring here was actually a pendant but I thought it would look better as an earring. It is heavy and I WILL NOT RECOMMEND IT FOR EVERYDAY USE. 

Nowadays, you have to be innovative to survive or to answer to the call of a fast-changing industry, that is fashion. I transform dresses to skirts and pants to shorts; One of these days, I will share with you some of my DIY projects :)

As you can see, almost everyone was in red and blending in was not an option so I played with nudes and golds and gave the ensemble a little print-on-print action.

To be honest, I normally ask for the motif so I could go against it. Not that you want to reap attention but come on, you really don't want to dress up for nothing! Does that make sense? 

You allot extra time putting on make up and prior to that, choosing a pretty dress and accessories to complement it and some of you also double the effort in the "loosing weight" department... and you do all those JUST TO CONFORM and BLEND IN?! You're not giving yourself the credit you so deserve, pretty!

So to end this post, when you feel guilty for looking good, don't forget what Rachel Zoe said, 

“If you show up looking a bit more glam than the rest, what’s the worst-case scenario? 
You look the best in the room?”

Who knows, occasions like this might be the key to unlocking the "next level" - may that be an opportunity or the And-They-Lived-Happily-Ever-After Kabuhayan Showcase :)

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