Kandi Treats x Posh Pocket Shoes - Part Deux: Season of the Sun!

Kandi Treats and Posh Pocket Shoes know how to throw a great party for the incoming season that is SUMMER! Most of us L.O.V.E. this season - I, for one, am forever in love with the sun! 

Summer is about tank tops, bikinis, day dresses, straw hats, the beach!, tanlines, more family bonding, hanging out with friends, looking gorgeous and yep, being fashionable. Kandi Treats x Posh Pocket Shoes offer you treats that can complete your Summer Wishlist!

Dilemma # 1

I used to own around 20 flip-flops and living in a tropical country is the perfect excuse to dress casually and comfortably. "Used to" being the operative phrase. I realized that I cannot complement the beauty of a day dress by pairing it with "tsinelas". For what it's worth, I'm still in love with my flip-flops and I owe them a  BIG deal of debt of gratitude BUT I cannot massacre (sorry for the lack of a better term... teeehee!) a well-put-together ensemble just for the sake of comfort. There are things that you can wear with flip-flops, I won't argue with that but there are also things that are not meant to be worn with them.

Dilemma # 2

I'm a sucker for high-heels and wedges and practically almost anything that could make me look tall. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my height... 5'2 *ehem* but what's really wrong with wanting to see things at 6 to 7 inches taller even for just a night? So after every night out, my feet, stressed and wanting to go MIA, crave for flats and since I'm still wearing a whoah-worthy dress, I cannot just slip my feet into those shoes or go barefoot.. This is what we know today as "tiis-ganda" - you don't care anymore if your feet are already candidates for amputation or if you can no longer feel your toes... you cannot be seen in flats because they're plain and boring and won't match your outfit.

Kandi Treats and Posh Pocket Shoes understand our concerns  so they  collaborated to give us another collection of foldable, rollable pocket shoes... with a twist.

Kandi Treats is known for the jelly bean, a versatile and stylish accessory that come in different colors. Can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, belt, headband, bag accessory, and a lot more. Owned by Kathy Amurao-Herrera.

Posh Pocket Shoes, as we all know, is famous for its durable, foldable and fashionable flats. Really great for walking and as substitute for heels. Created by Nadine de Guzman.

A few weeks ago, they tapped me for... probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hear! Hear! I was a "model" for a day! I really didn't see that coming since having a lookbook.nu account is just for fun. So the night before the shoot, I was praying for rain, entertaining a thousand doubts, thinking of backing out, etc. I even told Kathy that if I chicken out, she has to remind me that I said yes. Also, thanks to ze boyfriend, Simon, for convincing me, using every sugar-coated explanation known to mankind just so I would push through with it.

So here are the behind the scene photos. Sorry for making this post a dumpsite of my stash. 
I really have a lot here.

Though you can't see them here, my hands were cold and sweating
Meet Kathy, Kandi Treats' proprietor
Who is haggardo versosa? (read: haggard!)

Free time for me! Practice!
and I mean more time to practice...
and a lot for goofing around
These people were very kind to a first-timer! Instructions were not hard to process... 
except, I was a tad bit slow that time... Lol.

Thank you, Kathy and Nadine!

My favourite wacky and stolen shots... honestly, some were unintentional - these are the ones that were captured late! figure out which of them are genuine. 

Isn't it obvious that I really had a great time?! The cherry on this suuuuper sweet experience was of course, getting to try these lovely shoes on. It was like I wasn't wearing anything.

Aren't the colors enticing?

And of course, I have a few decent photos to share with you.

Moving with these flats was easy-peasy!

The bows at the back can make your legs appear flattering and slim.

Almost made me fly! ALMOST... :)

But they surely made me want to walk farther

and dance to the tune of the wind... just a little, ok?! *u*

These bows are detachable. You can wear the bow as a bowtie, a hair accessory, or a necklace clip.

The sandals, on the other hand, have detachable jelly beans, which you can wear as a bracelet or as a bag accent. 

Kathy and Nadine, after the shoot, asked me to pick a pair that I could take home and I hurriedly grabbed the Blue Jelly Bean Sandals. I still owe them an outfit post, gahd... how can I be that forgetful - I've worn these sandals five times already - with a mullet skirt, then I paired them with shorts, maxi dress, mini skirt and faux leather trousers... I love them!

The only bad thing about them is that they're addictive. 
They're not only for teens but for all ages! Moms and grandmoms nowadays are vain and fashionable as well and these flats are perfect for their lifestyle. 

The answer to my problems!

A pair can make your summer extra special... 
Imagine what your summer could be if you have more than two!

Visit Posh Pocket Shoes' and Kandi Treats' sites, take your pick and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do :)

If you haven't seen the promotional video, just click this!

Million thanks to Kathy and Nadine for the opportunity (parang nanalo ng award?! LOL.) Though I have no background in modeling, they wholeheartedly, sincerely offered me the job.

To Adrian (and his team), the official photographer and videographer. If you want to see how good he is, check out his website.

and of course to ze boyfriend, Simon, for pushing me, for the support and for all the photos here! You're ze best! iloveyousoooomuch! 

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